Halifax’s Top Pawn Shop Alternative

At Halifax Gold we offer immediate payouts on gold, silver and diamonds.  Our live purchase prices are posted every day and our best price guarantee you will never be surprised or low-balled on your valuables.

We pay on the spot instead of offering loans, and we are experts in buying and selling jewellery, diamonds and gemstones. Before visiting a pawn shop, consider visiting us to get more for your valuables!

Wed – Sat: 11am – 4pm    |    Sun – Tue: Closed

Address: 1461 Brenton Street

Phone: 902-444-7233

What sets us apart from Pawn Shops

Gold and Diamond Expertise

Pawn shops have plenty of inventory to keep them busy, including electronics, tools, and other collectables. What they often don’t have is access to one of Canada’s top online  jewellery resellers, direct relationships with precious metal refineries, coin buyers, antique dealers, and diamond wholesalers.

Higher Payouts

Many pawn shops will try to lowball their offer. At Edmonton Gold we pay as much as 99% of the current market melt value of your gold, and a minimum of 80%. This is much higher than most jewelry stores, pawn shops, infomercial gold buyers, and online mail-in services, which typically offer 20-60% of melt value.

No Fees or Charges

We offer free assessments and valuations on your gold with no transaction fees or obligations.

Trust and Reputation

We provide a safe and welcoming environment for all assessments to make it simple and comfortable to sell your valuables.

Our Halifax location has been in business since 2009 and we are part of a nationwide network of gold buying specialists, and have served tens of thousands of Canadians and returned millions of dollars to Canadians across the country.

We Buy for Melt Value AND Resale Value

We buy gold for either the melt value or resale value, whichever gets a higher return. For items that are to be resold – like through our partner online store 100ways.com – we pay 50% – 80% of the resale price. For antique, brand name, or in style pieces, that means we pay more than pawn shops and gold buyers who just buy based on the material value.

We Buy Diamonds and Gemstones too

Many pawnshops and other gold buyers do not pay anything for small diamonds. We buy and diamonds of all sizes. For diamonds under 0.25 carat each, drop in to one of our stores any time. For larger diamonds (or if you aren’t sure), book an appointment with one of our certified gemologists for a free evaluation.

We Offer Advice on How to Sell all Items, Even if We Can’t Buy Them Directly

While we offer the highest payouts on jewellery, gold and diamonds, sometimes is can pay to sell certain items privately (like silver rings!). When you visit one of our stores, we will always try to give you best advice and information in order to help sell your valuables, even if that means another vendor is a better bet. Here are some local businesses that have a good reputation (note, we do not have any relationship with any of these businesses and you should always do your own research.