1oz Recognized Gold Bars
1oz Maple Leaf Coin 9999
1oz American Eagle Coin 9999
1oz American Buffalo Coin 9999
Fractional Gold Eagles 1/2 Oz Coin
Fractional Gold Eagles 1/4 Oz Coin
Fractional Gold Eagles 1/10 Oz Coin
1oz Silver Maples
1oz Silver Eagles
1oz Recognized Silver Bar
10oz Recognized Silver Bar
100oz Recognized Silver Bar
1oz Platinum Maple Leaf Coin
1oz Recognized Platinum Bar

Why Buy Gold From Seattle Gold?

Seattle Gold is one of Washington’s largest
and most active precious metal dealers.
We’re family owned and operated, and each
of our locations is BBB accredited, so you can expect superior customer service, honesty and transparency. Seattle Gold’s security measures ensure your personal data remains safe and private. And for the safety of customers and employees we do not carry
an open inventory.

Purchase Prices

Buying prices

The buying price for your jewelry is determined based on the current spot price values of gold or silver. After you present a written offer from a recognized gold buyer in the same city, dated on the same day as your visit, we’ll conduct our own testing to determine the karat of your piece. Then, we’ll assess the current market value of gold or silver and provide you with a fair price based on those factors. Our store manager also has the discretion to determine the final buying price.



Buying prices


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