One of our first videos using Hangouts On Air with the help of John Ellis where we talk about rare coins – the Carson City Morgan Dollar – a topic covered in one of our earlier blog posts. We are trying to put together more videos like these where we get into the fascinating topics […]
Stop by Seattle Gold for the best place to sell gold jewelry in Seattle. We believe that having the right information and knowing what your gold is worth is the most important thing to know when deciding to SELL YOUR GOLD. Used and second-hand industries – from pawnshops to used car lots – have a bad […]
A famous Marilyn Monroe  quote says “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Then there are some who will say that women are complicated. So does that mean diamonds are complicated too? Most of the value in DIAMOND JEWELRY is the diamond itself, and evaluating diamonds is not very straightforward because slight differences (differences too small to see […]
Most coloured diamonds are made synthetically because the variables necessary to form a naturally coloured diamond are extremely rare, thus why they are the most expensive kind of diamonds. The most common way diamonds are made synthetically is HPTC – High Pressure High Temperature Because the video (1:51) has no dialogue, here is what’s happening: […]
Just about everyone has possessions with personal or sentimental value beyond what the market might say they’re worth. When you really think about it, that’s basically how we assign value to everything; I place greater value on a cup of coffee than having a spare couple of bucks in my pocket, so I buy a […]
Most people know that any gold jewelry can be sold off for its precious metal content value quite easily these days through a local cash for gold dealer. A solid piece of gold jewelry can fetch a price well beyond its aesthetic appeal due to the precious metal content or its “melt” value. One question […]